pic: Meet our kicker

our kicker close up

It kind of reminds me of your 2007 robot…

Do you have a ball magnet?

It looks good. It seems like you guys will do well. Good Luck.

I’m a little curious as to what you mean by our 07 bot. Unless your talking about the ramp. Cause we didn’t have much else in rack n roll. Other than stout defense and a ramp.

And we have a ball stopper not magnet, but it simply holds it a bit just to make kicking easier.

That looks like a steel frame in this picture, how heavy is just your frame alone?

just to play the “whats in the background game” did any one notice that the bumpers are on upsidedown?

dang you qwertyuiop, i was just about to mention the bumpers. lol

This is gonna shock you but just the chassis alone is only 10.4 lbs and with drive parts its 28 lbs. With electronics its 38. Its really quite light. With everything assembled and what not its a few pounds under 120 though.

Yeah that’s a happy mistake. Since the 07 cal games we’ve had an upside down bumper. The first one was an accident we colored in the numbers upside down so we were SL9 instead of 675. And ever since we just somehow manage to keep it going. Even when we double and triple check. Go figure

hey, cool with me. lol. just thought id mention it, thats all. just looked off, thats all. lol

Haha. Yeah I agree it bothers me a crap ton too. Cause it doesn’t look like an s or l or 9. Just upside down 675. Idk maybe we inverted our y axis? Who knows. thanks for your kudos by the way. What regionals are you attending?

You might be interested in quadruple checking. See this Q&A: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?t=13719

By any chance does your robot have difficulty turning in place?

I ask because it looks like your mecanum wheels are not in the standard “O on bottom/X on top” configuration…

We are attending the Kansas City regional starting TOMORROW!!! WOOT!!! so excited. cant wait to see our team does.

I read most of the posts on there. Now does our mistake mean we have to make a new one? Or if we flip over are we okay since one is upside down?

We’ve had some, nothing to serious. But out of curiousity do you happend to have visual of normal configuration?

Sounds good ill be watching periodically tomorrow on SOAP gameday. And more on friday and saturday. Ill be sure to root for you guys.

Really appreciate it. we probably have one of the smallest non rookie teams out there so we take all the support we can get. we have 11 students and 7 mentors. That is our team. lol. Again, thanks for the support.

Hey I totally understand that, my freshmen year it was literally like 5 students and our advisor back in aim high. But of course I like to follow others outside around the nation. Have any questions or anything you need help or would likw a second opinion on don’t hesitate to ask. 675 has got your back.

Thanks. cant wait. really appreciate everything.