pic: Meeting of the Minds

Inspiring people, probably talking about important things between matches.

by important things you probably mean,

Aww come on Chris, Paul isn’t that big of a nerd
(keep in mind folks I have to bear hug Paul verbally this year, since I was unable to attend championships or IRI)

I don’t know how Paul qualifies for your caption given his choice of baseball jersey in this picture…:stuck_out_tongue:

My, that Fultz guy is pretty bright.

Looks like the vest works like AndyMark products, the way they’re made to work! :smiley:

AndyMark has an Israeli branch now?

(Notice how I wisely stayed out of the conversation in the background. Not that I ever remember anything of importance being said in one of these confabs … If it was really important, Andy made sure only the refs were present!)

At least he knows how to pick a good team to be supporting the Chickens and the tigers. What a combo :slight_smile:

That’s why Mom calls me “sun”.

Haha those vests are known for ruining pictures…it took us a long time to remember to turn off the flash before every picture…

Maybe the team can come up with a new, camera friendly design next year…

Isn’t your halo supposed to hover around your head, and not go around your belly? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, it’s the Steampunks for sure. No way you can’t recognize them. Good idea guys, noticed you all along the webcast.

love the hat

oh, phooey… I put the caption quote in the wrong thread. oops.