Our 2018 robot CLYDE
Check out the video and we will see everyone at NYC and Tech Valley

Loving the claw! How’s it working out for you?

What is the gain of using a higher durometer intake wheel over the lowest option?

Before you get to excited https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1740961&postcount=5

I understand they cut their own version, the 3’s are a dead give away :wink:

Still very curious to hear how it’s working for them! Glad it was able to help!

Love the intake and claw. Are you guys climbing also?

We think it will last for a few more matches, pinches it just a little tighter. We have the green ones on standby

It grabs the cube sideways, puts a nice pinch on it, also we made the distance between the wheels REALLY close, it manipulated the cube better at tougher angles, want video? I can shoot some on our practice robot

Yup, big ol hook underneith (not seen) but we think gameplay may not have us use it. We want to fight for that scale

Love the intake. We decided to play with a custom version of Greyt for withholding allowance. We’ll be picking up cubes later today and I can shoot some video if you’d like as well. I’d be interested in seeing video of your intake!


Is it just me or is the gear on your wrist completely demolished? What happened there?

Looking good as always 333. Hope you guys have a great season. I hope I’ll make it to the NYC Regional this year to see you guys!

Looks to me like a worm wheel, which explains the vertical motor near it and also why it looks funny.