pic: MegaMaid front View

This is our robot the MegaMaid. The front view shows the rollers to get the balls up to drop into our hopper. This is our first year participating in FIRST.

Hmmm… mega maid ehh. That is a clear Spaceballs reference so she must be able to perform the following quote.

“Sir, it’s mega maid, she’s gone from suck to blow.”

So she vacuums balls and spit them back out.

please tell me your launcher interface on the OI has some speed settings like… light speed for close shots, ridiculous speed for medium, and ludicrous speed for those across the field shots :-p

I also hope that you color that thing Plaid, and all your drivers are wearing dark helmets!

On a more practical analysis, it looks like a very robust front end. I’d love to see what the other half of it looks like. Great job!


Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for light speed.
Dark Helmet: No, no, no, light speed is too slow.
Colonel Sandurz: Light speed, too slow?
Dark Helmet: Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to ludicrous speed.
Colonel Sandurz: Ludicrious speed!!! Sir we’ve never gone that fast before, I don’t know if the ship can take it!!!

Dark Helmet: What’s a matter, Colonel Sandurz? CHICKEN???

Are those vertical side rails steel? That looks like a monster!

Well, the side rails are made of fiberglass reenforced plastic, and those are alumiunum plates at the top. Yes, it does go from “suck to blow!” (that’s where the name came from).

yes, we do have three speeds, and we are working on the OI to do some cool spaceballs-themed controls.

We will be posting some more photos soon for everyone to see.

“may the schwartz be with you!”

Thomas Brown
Team 1726

Just imagine:

Team 1726: THE FLAMETHROWER :ahh:

They’ve gone to PLAID!!!

looks great you guys!


…ahh, good old Spaceballs :slight_smile:

As for the robot, looks very robust :smiley:

Interesting, but will that work well?

I suppose it’s tested.

Hope you guys qualify for Champs, cause we won’t get to see this great machine until then!

Go N.E.R.D.S.!!!

I bet when stuff breaks, you’ve lost the sweeps, the bleeps, and the creeps.