pic: Men In Blue + Segways =

A while ago at my local mall, i saw proof that segways are starting to become commonplace

This reminds me…While I was at my local mall a few days ago, I took the time to stop and read the code of conduct poster. I found it quite funny that they specifically prohibited the use of “Segway Human Transporters” on the mall’s grounds along with the normally restricted skateboard, bicycle, and inline skates.

Well thats good because there is no such thing as a Segway Human Transporter… only Segway Personal Transporters

Man… I’m way out of the Segway loop. Good thing I don’t own one. I would be ridiculed out of the cool owners club. :ahh:

When did the name change Matt?

We changed the name when we launched the new “GenII” Segway PTs. All Segway HTs are now PTs.

I was at one of the largest car shows here in New England yesterday, Southbury Training School, and one of the judges had a Segway. The whole field is on a grassy hill and he had no trouble driving around with it. I wanted to take a pic but the next time I saw him was when I was leaving and my camera was in the trunk. I wasn’t about to stop in the aisle and shut the car off and run back to the trunk to take a pic. He even had a basket tied to the front to hold all the judging sheets.