pic: Mentor Burnout? Take a Power Nap.

Late night weekends take their toll…

Boy do I know that feeling!!!

My feet and back were killing me after a long day yesterday.

Feeling good about the robot though!

I hope field reset will provide cubes for referees to sit on, between matches.

I’m with you. This is what the team did to me during Ri3D… The Platform is surprisingly comfortable at 4AM.

I think he’s playing FIRST Power Down

I keep suggesting mentor cots (not COTS), no luck so far.

Those are COTS cots, technically.

That pun is making me yawn. I can go for a cot right now.

This isn’t officially the Unofficial Caption Contest (yet…)

I find it hard to believe that this wouldn’t end up in the Caption Contest sooner or later.

I would be crippled if I slept on those cubes.

Not quite sure what mentor fatigue feels like quite yet but if its anything like what my back feels like after a busy day at trade school (machining) I sympathize with you all

Here’s a photo of our Powercubes. Mentor for scale.

I see an update coming to H10 …