pic: Mentor round with 365 and 357

This was called the “duck and cover round”. The MOE mentors are Duckie and Kyle.

Yes the Mentor round. Finally a chance for the mentors to see and feel what us drivers go through during a match. They had alot of fun and all robots at the end were in one piece. This was a great idea and team 836 enjoyed it greatly

That was indeed a fun match to watch. And even more fun to emcee.

“Blue alliance are you ready?
Red alliance, are you ready?
Here goes nothing…


The mentor matches were the greatest fun I had all weekend. It was quite a sight to see Mr. Cokeley be a human player and run like blazin’ fire. Greg and Big Mike sure did enjoy torturing him like that. And ofcourse Mr. Kloberg drive and almost hit Mrs. Kloberg. Good times - Mentor matches should be mandatory at every competition:ahh:

“Here goes nothing”

I agree that these were some of the most fun matches I’ve ever watched.
Never have I seen so many out of control robots…
Notice the wonderful Mike Wade modification to the driver’s station. That fencing was left over from the ball corral at the MD State Fair, another August off-season event that we all miss. But it was great having AC at the Digital Edge Expo, but I miss the petting zoo.

Note for next year. Skip the mentor-driven matches. Round 'em up onto the playing field and PRESTO! Instant petting zoo! :slight_smile: