pic: Mentors and Mentos

Just remember, whatever happens at robotics stays at robotics!

p.s. None of this is photo-shopped (well, I lightened it a little since it was kind of gloomy out today).

p.p.s. Billfred, Dave said you are not allowed to see this photo, so out of your great respect for him, please disregard seeing this photo.

you have got to love the old Cola and Mentos reaction

I suppose my instinct to read the image description is faster than it takes to judge and post a new caption contest. :wink:

Wait, I still saw it… (hunts down his Neuralizer)

“Dave School”??

I think that Diet Pepsi works a bit better than any other soda. You might want to keep that in mind incase you ever decide to build a soda-and-mentos-propulsion system :smiley:

funny, we did the same thing at our shop a couple weeks ago while working on the ball drop.

Hahaha…this is a favorite pastime of my group of friends. We’ve been working on turning it into an s-dub tradition. Diet coke is the best, though

i just did that in out shop a week ago and it was too dark to take a picture.

We did two bottles of diet coke first and then a bottle of root beer and then coke. The first bottle of diet coke was absolutely spectacular! I took a video of it so I have no photos of it, however I believe the diet coke reached a height somewhere between 8 or 10 feet. The second bottle of diet coke was good but not as good as the first, partially, I think, because half of the mentos ended up on the ground rather than in the soda. Second diet coke. As you can see, the shapes the exploding soda took on are really, really cool! I’ve never been this excited about diet coke before!

I want to do more of these for two reasons, the first being, it’s just fun to turn a 2 litre bottle of soda into a geyser, and two, I think it would be cool to get some super closeup photos of the soda as it erupts.

How many other sodas have any of you tried it with? Sprite/diet? Dr. Pepper/diet? Ginger ale/diet? Diet root beer? Mountain Dew/diet?


We accidentally discovered this reaction at new years. My brother put Spree into a bottle of caffiene-free Pepsi, and it shot all over his bed…it was really funny! We tried to recreate this, but it didn’t really work. It was great seeing the geyser of Pepsi shooting all over him, though! :ahh: :yikes:

Someone please tell me what to do. I slept through 2-liter chemistry in high school, but now I see the error of my ways. I gather that the ingrediants are Mentos and Diet Soda, but I lack the procedure. Someone who’s hip, please clue me in.

I was going to make a witty, ‘Haha, Dave’s a dork’ comment until I saw the look of pure joy on his face.

It’s like a five year old at Christmas. I just shouldn’t mess with that.

especially when the mental capacity is about the same

  1. Take the Mentos (or Spree, they work the same) in your right hand.

  2. Open the bottle of Diet Coke.

  3. Position your right hand over the neck of the bottle so that the Mentos are directly above the bottle.

  4. Open your fingers so that the Mentos drop into the Coke.


Sorry, couldn’t resist making a procedure for this…lol


It looks like dave used a tube to drop them in… I think you need to use a few to really get a good reaction!

What is the story with “Dave School”? I saw him wearing that shirt yesterday…

i saw it the other day too maybe its just a way of saying daves cool…
this looks like a fun destructive passtime… we might not get much done today…

hmmm Ive just bean struck by the magical inspiration fairy. Imagine a hydraulics system powering the wheels of a robot. Now fill the system with Diet coke and a mentos injection system… We could have a chemically powered robot! :smiley: I wonder how much PSI you could build up?

So, I searched around the Internet to figure out why it reacts this way, and a lot of sites say that it’s the gum arabic that is in mentos (and other candies) that causes the surface tension of the water molecules to break easily, which releases more carbon dioxide gas which leads to the eruption. There’s a site called Steve Spangler Science that has a couple of videos showing the mentos in different kinds of soda, and guess what? It appears that mentos do not react stronger in diet coke than in other sodas. Diet coke started being used more because it’s easier (not as sticky) to clean up. The tricky part is getting the mentos into the bottle at the same time. In our first bottle of soda, we used a small tube and placed about a roll of mentos in the soda and the results were spectacular. In the remaining bottles we used a larger tube and I believe they tried to put more mentos in (the whole philosophy that more is better) and while the results were still uber-cool, they didn’t reach anywhere near the height of the first one, which leads me to believe that we didn’t get them in at the same time. Another website said that using plain carbonated water was really impressive. And yet another site said that carefully putting several sugar packets into a 2 liter bottle (which will fizz a little) and then shaking it up will give you a weapon of mass eruption.

I really think more experimentation is needed! I wish my biology class was this exciting.


if you like the affects of this but don’t want to waste so much soda (that could be used for such better things) you can get a similar but more focused result by taking a shaken can of soda and using a mallet and sharpened metal punch or pen put a whole in the little disk that holds the tab onto the bottle. the part that makes this way better is that its reusable by placing your finger over the whole and shaking and is much easier to aim at mentors or anyone else of your choice (i have a video of this that ill link to at some point)

also in my experience Mr. Pibb works the best for anything like this and you wont feel bad for waisting good tasting soda

DAVE School = Digital Animation and Visual Effects School. Its here in Orlando, FL and its run by Universal Studios. Here is a link to their site. All I want to know is how Dave got that shirt…?

What if you where to eat mentos and drink diet coke at the same time?