pic: Mentors Playing Halo

We networked three Xboxes between three rooms at our hotel. The students switched off with twelve people playing Halo at a time. At one point, we invited the mentors to give it a try. Here is our team’s software engineer mentor in deep concentration while playing against other mentors and students.

you just gotta love halo. we had trouble with the tv inputs in our hotel, so we could only get 2 xboxs linked :frowning:

Yeah, our team had similair problems. Except that we had 2 XBoxs, a GameCube, and an NES that didn’t get to see any play because of it.

Hmm. Did your problems include a little black free-spinning piece that rested over the cable input on the back of the TV? Because if it was, it didn’t provide a problem for us… =D

nah, our TVs just had all the inputs covered by the hotel, no access

We solved that “problem” with the smallest screw driver we could find…

Yes we have ran into these problems to, but what do you get with FIRST students presented with a problem like this…a solution, and xbox all night :slight_smile:

We had the block on our TV too. It’s the hotel’s fault for supplying all the tools we (as engineering students) needed… an iron, a lamp, and ice tongs. No, we did not damage the TV, or anything, so don’t worry about it. We just got to play Xbox all night as well. Plus we had a projector to hook a second xbox up to. Ah lans.

how do link up two x-boxes in a hotel.

our team had like 4 psp’s and were playing need for speed for them all night,

not really fun,

but how do you do it???

Bring a sledghammer, knock a whole in the wall and string CAT-5 cable through it. NOTE: May be some privacy issues with this method

Alternatively you could barrow a wireless router from someone :wink:

Just get a really long CAT-5 cable and run it down the hall, up the elevator, and to the other room with the xbox.

We’ve never gotten him to play with us, but Paul claims to be quite the avid Halo player…

our TV’s didn’t even have composite inputs, we had to go out and buy an RF modulator for almost 30 bucks!!

i think i might get that wireless router…

but drilling a hole in the wall does sound kind of nice…:slight_smile: