pic: Merry Christmas

I’m having a pretty good Christmas so far, this monitor is awesome. I’ve got it hooked up to my laptop now but it’s also hooked up to my Xbox 360, Xbox and digital cable. I was really freaking surprised by it. It was $500, but my parents got it on black Friday for $200.

The wheel pictured is an older version of what we, and possibly some other unnamed local teams, will be using this year. Either rough top of waffle w/ a 6" outer diamater and we have versions for 3/8-5/8 shafts w/ 1/8" key, 3/8-5/8 hex or 3/8-5/8 dead axles.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Can you tell us make/model?

I am not sure, but it looks like the exact monitor I just got. It is a Samsung 215tw. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Why dont you run Inventor on the nice big screen and CD on the laptop screen.

Nice man…I wish I had a big screen like that

I envy your monitor. I have an old old CRT. I am considering getting a new one so if you could give us the model I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the long wait, i completely forgot about this thread.

It is a 22" westinghouse which is now down to $400 at bestbuy.

As for quality; The VGA and DVI inputs are nice and make a clear picture with no noise, the other inputs are a little noisy, but I think that is because I have old stuff hooked up outputing standard def tv to a high res moniter.