pic: Metal Metal Metal


The Robolions cleaned house today as we are moving venues. At the end of the cleanup, the crate in the back will be FULL of scrap.

And that’s Patrick, who found a neat little thing among the metal. :D.

That “neat little thing” is the mounting bracket for the KOP transmission and the KOP frame xD

rofl we found the same thing entertaining during build season. we considered wearing them on the field but found that seeing and wearing safety glasses didnt work very well.

Oh wow… we had hours of fun when we found a box of like eight of these one day…

Then they became fun yet again when I had some parts I was making for a project at work that looked like surprise eyebrows from a cartoon character… :smiley:

Ahh, the joys of smiley plates…


You guys defintely make IFI sheetmetal proud haha. Not going to lie stuff like this happens at the 1251 shop all the time, we do our share of goofing around.