pic: MetalCow Driver Station

Our semi-finished driverstation. We may add a few more lights, some sides and such… it needs touchup paint and some fixes to the light’s power box before being 100% done though.
The light is controlled by a Arduino and a Jaguar; the light pulses and strobes as we want to.

Just a heads up – we were told to turn our green lights off during matches last year since most teams use green as the light for their camera. All it takes is for 1 team to complain for you to get carded (it’s one of the tournament rules).

Should be no biggie; no one’s paying attention to your D/S during a match anyways.

Oh, that’s nice… I want one.

Yep, we’ve got a power switch. Planned on not running it around the queue area/behind the DS anyways.

That is a very nice station - what is the material?