pic: Michigan Curie Winners

Right after winning curie (and lots of shouting “Michigan! Michigan!”), this picture was taken

Just to let you know everyone in this picture is missing half the state. The chant really should have been LOWER MICHIGAN, LOWER MICHIGAN, LOWER MICHIGAN!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry. everyone’s hands were full at the time and we were too excited to notice

I have no problem with it, i was just trying to be funny. In fact it would have been really weird to do both peninsulas while chanting. It takes a few sec to figure out how to do them simultaneously and that wouldn’t have made for a good chant having to pause for a sec while you figure out if your doing the hands right, especially when you were all on Einstein chanting it.

Hey, you’re the Yooper, we’re the Trolls. :rolleyes: Stop acting like a troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, they should have all put a small circle in the southeast corner of the hand while they were at it. Not only were all three teams from lower Michigan, and not only were they all from the suburbs of Detroit, but they were all from the north-northeast suburbs. 68’s HQ is only about 6 miles north of 247’s, and 217 is only about 12 miles ENE of 68.

North-Northeast, Southeast lower Michigan, just doesn’t have the same ring…

Now calling these guys the SEMI (South East Michigan) alliance does have a pretty good ring to it… Plus wouldn’t this alliance constitute a Truckload of Chickens and Bears.:yikes:

OH that is part of the state? I always thought it was a mythical land where people went to vacation… :wink:

By the way, congrats you guys, you had one great run.

Great Job You Guys!

Thanks all,

Wish we could have won those matches but im quite happy,

this was the farthest we have ever gotten and im pretty sure that’s the same for Da’Bears so we are happy!

Thanks 217!

i love how we got a new coach this year, and our old coach (who coached for 10 years) got 3 banners, and we got 3 banners this year and the farthest ever in team history. our old coach is still awesome though.

Chickens and Trucks and Bears, Oh My!!

This is also the farthest we have ever got!!! We were so excited! Every year the mentors make a bet that if we get to the finals that we get to shave their beards and mustaches and we were so happy that we did cause some of us never saw them without them. It was amazing!

We had the same bet, but they never followed through. :frowning: