pic: Micro Mecanum wheel

this was my design for a 2" diameter mecanum wheel that i was going to use to make a edu… I mean ROBOVATION! robot… the tread on the wheels would be handle dip you get at ace hardware.

It certainly looks promising…but I can’t help but think, #2-56 is small stuff, even for an Edu-bot!

How have you defined the curvature of the wheel rollers? Fancy math, or estimation?

when you view a circle from a 45 it apears as an elipse to you its realy as simple as that. the rolers are just the oppsite they have the curvature of an elipse witch viewed from a 45 is a perfect circle.

Oh that radius you mean!. sorry this was a print i made for my friend to make i simplified the radius as to not drive him nuts with elipitcal arcs when all he has is manual tools

Lol Tytus believe it or not I still have those. Sry we never got to it someone ran our cnc lathe into the chuck over the summer and we had to order a new one and we just didn’t have the time before season started. These actually aren’t that bad to machine compared to other designs, they are small however. Were actually prototyping a modified version of a mechaum wheel right now. I’ll see if the man doing the Inventor and I can post something on them once the prints are finished. By the way not bad cad work ty. :cool:

If you plan on making some of these let me know, i’d be very interested in purchasing some/ hearing how they come out

What material are you planning on using?

6061 aluminum of course