pic: Midnight Invention's New battle bot?

Well summer time means that my “evil” side comes out and that means there might be a new combat robot in the midnight invention family. From nothing to robot in 18 days…hmmmm

specs: 30 lbs, 3000 rpm disk, 13mph drivetrain,

not shown in drawing: gusset plates, electronics, drive for the disk

18 days…
Come on, the first one was a lot longer.
It looks great though, hope it goes farther and does more damage then tetracide.

one side note, on our conversation earlier about the one kind of bot, i don’t think you would win agaisnt them. You would need to have the weapon as far out as possible, it would hit you before your weapon could touch it.

Actually i decided that this would do it also. Since the spinning disk is up on the wedges is minimizes the probability of getting a side hit and having damage done to it. The major idea with the bot is that it is really fast so I spin up the weapon and then drive full speed into someone. That gives me 2 things, 1) the wedge will take alot of bots (especially spinners) off balance and then the disk should act like a throwing arm. I built the bot around the weapon for protection knowing that is the most likely thing to be damaged, while also giving it the added capabilities.

which way will you have the blade spinning? Will it make the robots fly into the air while driving fast, potentially flipping or make the blade go down and exert all the force into the robot and potentially lifting the rear of your robot in the process. Will this be coming to the Ruckus with ya? :wink:

Since the blade spins in a circle, he can drive into a robot forwards or backwards and get either of those effects.

I guess I would be worried about spinner bots too. They could hit you and spin you before you can get them up to your blade. Also, I assume that wedge is designed in such a way that you will fall back rightside up if you flip?

with the shape of the body, assuming the wedge can take a good hit, it should cause bots like Relic or Totally Offensive to deflect upwards. With the way their bodys are built, I’d think a hit like that could flip them.

Is this going to be aired on TV sometime?

If so, when and what channel will it be on?

It is not going to be on TV but the event is going to take place in Nashua on the 18th if you want to you can come stop by.

Could you upload a video of your matches afterwards?

I like the blade (whistles) lol

Lookin good Greg, I’ll make sure I’m there.

So are you spending the next 18 days at the site with Ellery and your dad again?

Now, would it be possible to make all sides angled? That would further prevent spinners from knocking you accross the arena, but then again that ~13fps does sound kind of nice.

Or if angling the sides is not possible and if it complies to the rules, 4 mounted 3 inch cylindrical spikes 2 on each side. Your main concern is keeping their spinners away from your weak spot.

Or… you know what you could use?

Pool noodles! :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda like that spike idea to go on the sides though. It could act as some sort of defense and be little stablizers.

EDIT: nevermind, I just read the description

Like everyone said, your worst enemy will be those horizontal spinners & full body spinners.

Spinners aren’t invincible.

As shown by many videos online, it’s not the weapon that wins fights, it’s the driving.

While aimable weapons can be very effective, they can be beaten by good driving.

Did I ever say they were invincible? I also didn’t deny that good driving is the key to winning fights.

I said that it would be your worst enemy (take it with a grain of salt, I was just making a joking comment); for one thing I’ve noticed that robots with a 90* vertical side going against a FBS usually get thrown pretty hard when one of the spinner’s teeth catches on a corner or side.

For those who missed it at RoboGames 2006: click

Simple. Elegant. I like it.
Good luck Greg.

The battlebot looks amazing!

sidenote My new VEX bot also looks like a battlebot with two big hammers flinging from the side of it, pics will come./sidenote