pic: mike and justin on ESPN

at the wrap parties at flr

Wait! Is that my beast of a laptop in the picture? What are you reporting there guys? HAHA! :yikes:

i am wearing my 340 shirt right now!!! plus a throwback item! its a GRR wristband from 2005!! it could be worth money now! oh wait…thats the unspeakable year…:ahh:

What ESPN zone are you guys at?

They are at the one that is at RIT. At the party, it was in the room downstairs where there was karoke.

shhh that bad luck and you know how superstition rees is

Justin and I were actually talking about the day of matches and who we thought was going to come out on top.

It was quite fun. But we got yelled at for touching the microphones… :wink:

Look out… there’s rumors of a “Mike and Justin in the Morning” show…
Stay tuned… :slight_smile: