pic: Mike Wade and his trailer

This is a shot of Mike Wade next to the trailer he uses to drive his field cross country. The picture is an actual photo from the Hubble. the side of the trailer is painted similarly

Mike is a class act. By “professionalizing” his trailer. he is getting more of the respect he deserves for all of his hard work.

He told me that, since the fantastic Hubble graphics have been added to his trailer, many people have come up to him to ask what the Robotics Alliance Project is all about. Just another opportunity to spread the message of FIRST.

Well deserved!

Mike logs all kinds of miles for FIRST, builds the field each year, travels with it, does the machine shop thing for the CMP and other events, and has shaped his life around supporting what we do. If you’ve never thanked Mike for what he does for us, you should. Rock on, Mike.

Ditto to the above. Mike is awesome.

With out Mike, i am sure that there would not have been such a growth of teams in his area of the eastern seaboard

THank you Mike Wade

We cant wait to see the trailer in person tomorrow night, as we prepare for Ruckus!! Yeah this is so exciting! We are thrilled to have Mike & the NASA field. He has been so helpful and has been great at communicating with us!

Thanks Mike, you rock!!

Mr. Cokeley also enjoys Mike Wade’s trailer: :wink:


We can’t wait to set up the field for Brunswick Eruption.
Thanks Mike!

Mike is the real reason many offseasons happen on the east coast. He puts in a lot of time and does a great job!

Take him out to dinner with your team sometime!

Thanks for the traveling field, Mike! It really makes setting up and running an offseason that much easier.

I have been in Mike Wade’s trailer and I must said that it is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!!! and WOOOOOOOOOAAAAH! LOL

I second that- Mike is the reason we can have all these off season events. He is truly a great guy. And we look forward to taking him out to dinner!


That is one absolutely KEWL paint job!!!

I had my first (no, not FIRST) chance to work with Mike this weekend as part of the Ruckus. His professionalism, organization, and ability to direct a large group of volunteers was impressive to say the least. We had a single field error the entire weekend, which is a better record than some regional competitions! (the dreaded waaah waaah sound of a match that needs restarting)

Mike, a big thank you from all of us at Ruckus for a smooth running weekend.


Mike does a WONDERFUL job sorting and arranging his schedule to provide us with field use for off-seasons. He is always on the job, running around fixing little things to ensure the field works wonderfully. Thanks for everything you do, Mike!

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I love to hate that trailer…

It’s a really pretty trailer… but lord it’s big. VA State Fair was a bear.
Mike had to wiggle it in and out of the site, in the rain, and park it 2 miles away in the middle of a field! Walking to and from that beast sucked too.

It’s a beauty though. I hope he finally got that custom truck for it he was talking to me about.

  • Matt


I’ve always said that FIRST should drop their programming firms, and just hire Mike… his programming of the field is ALWAYS mosre stable, easier to use, and just down right better quality then the “official field software.”

Wow. I feel like a complete idiot.

I’ve been in Iraq for a while, and I was unaware that he had passed.
I’m heartbroken right now. He was a great friend, and wonderful company. I will miss the after competition dinners, and I never was able to have that first drink with him we’d joked about.

I’ll miss you Mike. The FIRST community has lost a wonderful person.

  • Matthew

Actually, Matthew, I thought your posts were very much a tribute. :slight_smile:

I could picture Mike with his big rig in the sky!

Just wait till the next time you see the NASA Trailer at an event. The memories it brings and the lump that forms in your throat…

Thank you for your service.

Matthew, Welcome home and I was happy to see that photo of Mike again. He looks so proud.

There are a lot of people working hard to make sure that Mike’s legacy continues. We can all honor him by remembering just like you are doing.