pic: Mini Boombox

It’s the Mini Boombox, ready to play AIM high. This is the first project that Tytus and I worked on together. Came out very nice. It uses the same balls UTC regional was using for their mini aim high game. This was built the weekend after the build season when tytus was over my house.

Great stuff guys looks exactly like the real boom box bot that is awesome. I like it a lot excellent project to work on. Can’t wait to see it in person.

Good luck and great job,

It looks like you used the same stuff that vex uses (although bigger of course) for much of your chassis. That’s awesome i’ve never seen it on an FRC bot before. Is it much different to work with compared to regular aluminum? or 80 20?

That is a vex robot. Tytus and I just made the same robot of 1345’s using the vex kit.

the real big robot can be found here… http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/22902

I got to say this thing is pretty cool. It looks just like the big one. Can it shoot? If yes how fast?

Good stuff :wink:

Wow, Arefin, this looks awesome. I feel so special because I got a chance to see it before everyone else did. :slight_smile:

What kind of balls does it pick up? Did you find any that are scaled down enough to be equivalent to the ones used in Aim High?
If you hold Mayhem again, maybe one of the things you can do is invite teams to create miniatures of their own robots so that you could have a miniature Aim High game as well. I saw that someone at the UTC New England regional had set up a VEX version of the Aim High game… whether it was a team or the regional itself, I don’t really know. But if you want to know more, I will inquire for you to see how it was run.

Excellent job on another one of your cool projects,

– Jaine

P.S. - Can you make one for team 716? :slight_smile:

/me whispers “ive got ~2 vex kits, so we can probably do that on my own”.

can it acutally shoot balls without the motor dying?

Whoa… I first looked at this and thought at first you had slightly changed the lexan at the top! Great job on the vex conversion!

Yes, it shoots far enough for a mini frc vex bot. It shoots about 7 to 8 ft. about 5 ft. high off of the ground. Neha saw this mini boombox shoot. So she can post her opinion in this thread.I think I am going to borrow MAR’s radar gun to figure out how fast does this thing shoot.

Sure, when do you need it? :stuck_out_tongue: If you are going, we could probably bring it to nationals…

Anyway, super cool bot! I am trying to push our members to make one of our bot. Might be a bit difficult to get it to work properly;I am looking at lobster-holding rubber bands for the arm at the moment.

Actually you even fooled me, I looked at this at first and thought it was the real boombox. Then I realized there was the word “mini” before it.

Yea I saw this sexy baby shoot, it works like a charm. It also rolls in balls from the bottom and can roll them back out to the corner goal.

Only thing left is to see if it can go up a ramp :yikes: .

Great job Ty and Fin. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it but it seems that you guys can do what is conceived as the impossible. =)

actually… it might even work better than Boombox senior. wouldn’t surprise me.

I thought that was a full size FRC bot as well untill I saw green gears. I totally missed the foam wheels thought they were black rubber and the vex material hardware for the chassis.

Looks great there Fin!

arefin that is so cool!!! Very nice! great job! i wanna see it in person! i love you fin!!!


This is soooooo swweeet it has the mini stickers and everything. just WOW - great job.

Thanks to all who posted in this thread. It uses the 1.5" practice golf balls (yellow). Jaine, thanks for your suggestion about having a mini Aim high competition at the Mayhem. All my friends are special… they all had sneak preview of this mini boombox before it was unveiled on cd. Oh yea… Karthik is special too. =)