pic: Mini CIM Mounting To VersaPlanetary


We also discussed using Mini CIM’s on VersaPlanetaries for applications this year. We didn’t want cut the input shaft, deciding instead to make a CIM Motor Mounting Plate, removing the Motor Collar stop in the Input Coupler and enlarging the hole in a 3:1 ratio Sun Gear. Sun Gear assembled to Input Coupler and keyway cut. No cutting of shafts or keys required. Potential new products for the 2015 season.

Hey this is a great idea. We need to try this out, we are using a bag motor on a 100:1 versa planetary gear box and we keep burning out the motor. We are using this on a 18t to 84t choo choo gear like team JVN to pull down our shooter. Seems to work OK for a while, but it seems to work hard to pull down the shooter. We have tried fewer wraps with the rubber tubing, but then we can’t shoot high enough or far enough. We have not bagged are shooter with hopes of a fix. I think the mini cim will do the trick, but I do not want to cut the shaft.

Do you have a measured Cad file on your collar. To help us save time.


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