pic: Mini Field...great demo idea


This is my mini field right now, I am missing one autoload station and both player stations, which will be covered with printer paper.

The pyramids on the left far side are autoloaders, I plan on making around 20 normal tetras so I can make this like a board game. :eek: If you want my rules for let me know.



Where are all the little robots to go with it?

Give me time…the straws I use would make the robots like HUGE compared to the goals…so I will have to find something else to make them with.

No no, I mean real robots that really work and drive and stuff. They’d have to be really small though. Hrmm. My local hobby store has some tiny servos on sale. Maybe they could be modified for continuous rotation, and then you could use a basic stamp (no board, too big) and an IR remote. That’d probably end up costing too much though.

Heck I could just get those little “Zip-Zap” cars or something like that. They couldn’t score the tetras but still.

they could contain :smiley:

And they could gain a 10 pt advantage for being in their endzone at the end… w00t.

here… for the zipzaps idea… make the goals bigger… put little 3 sidded box things on them so that when they drive and stop fast in front of a goal or hit one the ball falls INTO the goal… and teams w/ the most marbles in that goal owns it… but you would have to make the goals bigger and the field a lil bit bigger but still sounds like fun :smiley:

I would…but this all goes back to being a demo tool for the game we had to play…so I think the marble idea would be off the wall…but heck for my own use that would rock.

We had something like that when we presented right after the build period.

we made one for strategy
it was a 2 minute longgame of tic tac toe, and every 10 seconds someone placed a tetra. (or something similar)

Mini Triple Play, now you can play any time, any where! Challenge your friends and impress future sponsors!

Looks cool. I started to make a mini field as soon as I learned about the game, but once we got into building I kinda gave up (and I didn’t have any time any more). Some Hot Wheels might work, all you have to do is make a few mini speed controllers, motors, and robot controller and its good to go.


I have the goals made, autoloaders made…and 7 tetras done so far tonight…my goal is for 10 maybe 14 tetras.

Rules of “Mini Triple Play, The home edition”
2-6 players on 2 teams. (green and red)
Roll dice to see which number goal u will get. (2 die used, if bigger then 9 roll again until 2-9 comes up, each team owns their #1 goal. numbers ar done from left to right for each side.)
Each team gets 5-10 tetras, depending on how many are available. They get that amount of rolls.
Most rows win.

Awesome idea! I made a mini-field like that for strategy purposes and for our coaches’ test, but it never really got used. Now I have something I can do with my field.

Look for my mini field at IRI July 22nd and 23rd! It will be in the Q&A area.