pic: MisCar #1574 Robot in Atlanta - Triple Play 2005


Representing Israel since 2005… Team 1574 in Atlanta with our very first robot.

Wow. You guys have come a long way since then.

Mazal tov on all the success this year, and I look forward to seeing you guys in Indianapolis!

איזה יופי!

You all have a long history to be proud of. Looking forward to seeing you continue the tradition in the years to come.

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately we won’t be able to compete in IRI this year due to transportation issues (The robot hasn’t returned from Houston yet…), but we hope to meet you guys in Champs next year :slight_smile:

…please don’t tell me DoarIsrael (Israeli post service) lost your robot

I think it’s related to the fact that the robot is shipped from Houston back to Israel by sea mail… If the Israeli post services were in charge of shipping robots back and fourth we probably would’ve lost it already :wink:

Oh, well. Have a great offseason, then!