pic: Miss Daisy driving at a Sixers game 2009


Miss Daisy drives around the court shooting balls into the crowd.

Is that your robot from Aim High? How many 3 pointers did it make? haha
I wish we could get some public attention like that! How did the crowd respond?

We were a bit nervous about how it would play out, but the crowd loved it. We shot the poof balls into the stands as souvenirs. We also had about 4 other activities going on on the floor in case the robot had a break down. But everything ran perfectly. (phewww!)

We are going to do it again in about a week. Hopefully we’ll have the same results.

What robot are you going to use now? Glad it went so well! :smiley: Hopefully your robot can be signed on a 10 game contract and help the 76ers actually make the playoffs haha. Just kidding that’d be funny though.

On Friday, March 13th, the Sixers will be hosting our first ever Robotics Night to raise STEM awareness and we want you to be a part of this historic event!

The evening will be full of robotics activities and fun – there will be a VEX tournament in the afternoon, demonstrations on the concourse for fans to interact with robots, and the ability for your team to display your robot on the court or concourse!

*$5 of each ticket sold will go directly to your team for fundraising!

If your team would be interested in coming to the event to fundraise or display your robot - please contact:

Ted Glick / 215-558-2806 / tedglick@sixers.com

Holy five year necro for an advertisement…