pic: Miss Daisy on the 2008 Field at Farnborough

Miss Daisy 2006 looking a little confused on the 2008 field at Farnborough Air Show.

Is that a poofball a little left to the center of the field?

Also, what’s with the person in the red shirt running? :slight_smile:

Wow that tent is packed. I can’t wait until we get out community that interested.

thanks, Vivek

Did you have to go around clockwise in England?

I’m thinking that it is, because that is the excellent 341 robot from 2006.

nice robot. )
I hope something remotely close to the 2006 game comes back again.

Miss Daisy would take to the field for demonstrations in between matches so that the 2008 machines could rest for a while.

Otherwise Miss Daisy worked the public driving zone outside to attract a crowd. The crowd would then go inside the building to watch the 2008 matches. Inside the building the Thunderchickens and UK Teams anchored the 2008 demo matches. The plan worked really well because we all helped each other and everyone knew their role.

I am not sure why he is running, but that is Richard Palfrey of Exscitec. He is one of the visionary people that had a dream and put this whole event together. We are glad we were able to help him reach his goals.

Richard is “brilliant”! Any teams attending the Chesapeake Regional the past 4 years may have met him as one of the leads for the teams attending from the UK.