pic: Miss Delaware and MOE

Miss Delaware is Janice Ginn, a chemical engineer at DuPont. She was one of the opening speakers at the Duel on the DE

Notice, that Jamie Ginn, Miss Delaware 2006, is wearing the proper eye protection while visiting the MOE pit!

Are you sure she’s real? She looks like one of those cardboard cutouts that people get their picture taken with.


j/k… good job getting her attention. Most of the time, these pagent winners focus on education and she could really help spread the FIRST word within your state.


Now announcing The Andy Cardboard cutout. exclusively on Andymark.biz

I’ll vouch for her three-dimensionalness, Baker. :slight_smile:

Make that 2 of us Andy

That is some serious day-glow green you guys have!

I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but Miss Delaware is a chemical engineer!!
Andy’s right, she should DEFINITELY help spread the word about FIRST in DE.

Miss Delaware gave a speach during the opening ceremony in which she talked about goal-setting. Her perspective is that if people aren’t laughing at you when you tell them what you plan to do, you aren’t setting your goals high enough.

She used her own experiences as examples when people laughed at her goals. First, when planning to major in chemical engineering in college, and, after successfully completing that goal, telling her co-workers at Dupont about her plan to become Miss Delaware. I guess she got the last laugh twice!

An engineer with a crown who looks cool in safety glasses and holds her own with MOE green. Now that’s a role model right there. It would be neat if some young girls involved in FLL could meet Jamie.


We are actually working on that. If her Miss America Pageant duties do not interfere, she may be attending the First State FIRST LEGO League Tournament at the end of January.

And if they do interfere, we are asking her to videotape a message of encouragement for the FLL teams that will be played during the opening ceremonies.

Wow, this is another terrific example for young people to see that science and technology offer possibilities that are only limited by what they can dream of and aspire to and that it is just so cool to be a geek. That’s great guys.

She was approachable, articulate, smart, really pretty and looked like she was having fun.
(I have a crown too, given to me by Dee Tomczak in VA who calls me “princess” but Jamie’s was definitely nicer ;))
Just when you think you’ve seen everything in FIRST, there is something else to make you smile… :slight_smile: