pic: Missing Luggage?

We heard many reports of teams with lost/mis-directed/abused luggage and tools. We saw this abandoned luggage sitting on the tarmac at LaGuardia as we were waiting for our plane to Atlanta.
Look familiar to anyone?

Hi Mark, glad you guys got back to NY even with all the bad weather.

I actually saw several pieces of luggage fall right off one of the carts as it made a turn at JFK once. Then a pickup truck came by and collected it. I guess they expect a certain amount of luggage to be scattered violently onto the taxiway. :rolleyes:

Edit: I misread - this was from the plane from LaGuardia to Atlanta. In that case, I hope you guys made it back to NY even with all the bad weather.

Hi Shane,

We made it home in one piece just a few hours late. It felt like a carrier landing though when our plane slammed onto the runway. Wind gusts and shear were factors. The terminal at LaGuardia was packed with outbound flight delays.
Our flight was delayed an hour in the Atlanta terminal, then another half hour was spent parked on the taxiway with the engines shut down, and we spent some time in a holding pattern over Philly.

P.S. I never did catch up with Ken.