pic: Mission Mayhem 2007 Trophies

Since the beginning Mission Mayhem is known for custom made trophies. For the past two years, Andrew Rudolph came up with unique designs for trophies. This year, due to his absence Kenny Partanen (team 1251), Andrew Disbury (team 1251), Kevin Kusiak (Team 1251 alumni), and I worked together as a team and came up with these. We hope everyone likes them.

dude those trophies are awesome! too bad swampthing is bringing them all home :smiley:


I might have to argue with you about that one Marcus.

Pssh, please, guys…you can’t sweep ALL of them—

(pssst-- Arefin, there’s a volunteer award, right? :wink: )

These are beautiful. A lot of work went into them.
Can’t wait to see them.

Looks like you guys did alright without me. Hopefully next year we can work out stuff so I can help out again, but i can clearly see that you guys got it under control. Great job guys!

Nice trophies… Definitiely going to be some tough competition over them.

Awww…that is just sick. :yikes:

yep. thoes are Flamable

Awesome trophies.
I look forward to seeing them tomorrow.
Great Work!

I thought they were awesome!!!

Thank you all for the comments on the trophies from the whole Mission Mayhem crew. Arefin, Kenny(1251), Kevin (mentor/alumni 1251)and myself really liked that you all enjoyed the trophies as we spent quite an amount of time designing and making them.

:] -Drew