pic: Mission Mayhem - Einstein Day 1


emphasis on mayhem…

How did the water keep on the field?

So, who’s idea was this to hold the competition outside in Florida during June? :wink:

j/k guys, though I imagine Dez is having a heart attack right now. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope everyone goes ok! (after this)

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From what I heard, the field was placed over the water drain.

carpet getting wet it probably smells funky

Well, everyone keeps saying they want a water game! Now we have it.


Ahhh how unfortunate!

Let’s all hope things turn out for the better!

Hmm… that’s a great test to see who qualifies for the robust design award :yikes:

hey! that’s me

interesting effect here…the water got trapped between the tarp placed under the field and the carpet creating a water bed effect.

haha, talk about deja vu…

but whatever. Everything’s going okay as of right now, and tomorrow looks to be very… interesting, to say the least :]

thats why we’ll be making all our electronics enclosed in a watertight compartment, waterproof connections and motor covers as well as waterproof sensors.

i think it shoud be a requirement for next years offseason, wont have to worry about rain then but then again murphy’s law tell us that then it would be a beautiful rainless weekend, but w.e.

I am glad to be part of South Florida where we are able to face things like this. All the volunteers, teams, engineers, sponsors, committee got together and came up with a new game. Thanks to Mike Walker, Billfred, Jimmy Martz for leading it. The community will find out about this game - Kinda Aim High very soon. We moved everything inside the building and we will be running tommorrow bright (or maybe wet) and early. The only way the committee is going to agree to work on Mayhem next year is if we get an venue INSIDE and UNDER A ROOF. Thank god we have people like John Burke, Mike walker, David Ellich, Tytus Gerrish (can’t forget him) who will come up with many solutions right away and keep all of us going.

… and the part that amazed me the most was, team 108, 179, 233, 744, 1029, 1251, 1345, 1390, 1902 came together and helped building the new field. I have never seen such gracious professionalism at any event in FIRST. Think of a picture where you see all these different team members with their shirt on working. It’s 2:22 in the morning… and I think it’s time for me to rest before I have to show up at 6:30 in the morning.