pic: Mission Mayhem field

photo from the red drivers station…took about 3 hrs to design the new layout and come up with the ramps in the middle…

Simply Awesome! FIRST at its finest.

I can’t belive I missed that, silly ACT and team not wanting to go…I’m so glad I’ll be able to go next year. (If you guys pull it off again, great job by the way).

So who’s idea was this? And how was it played? Or did you just set it up like this and take a picture :wink:

i think billfred has some rules somewhere around here, but this is how it was played all afternoon unless im seeing things again…it was similar to the 2006 FRC competition, but there were a decent amount of changes so hopefully billfred will post it…

Ah, I found it now though. Billfed actually posted a whitepaper about it …

I watched the webcast from before the matches started till it was cut off after the awards and speeches. I even watched it during the lunch break. I must say very cool spin on the game. While it was rather easy for teams to block it still got really intense, the most intense were the ramp battles.
My favorite part was when the announcer said “yes the mercury is rising” heh, I told em to say it.

lol that’s it? I had george sayin all sorts of goofy stuff, but my personal favorite was when he worked in “I hate umbrella hats” (Barry that one was for you buddy :p)

i deff wanna see video of this. Is there gonna b an online archive?

Very Cool. I definitely want to see some video if you’ve got it.

I remember Mike Walker’s panicked call to me last night about the control system, I hope you guys worked it out!

Well i may not have a video of the actual competition but i do have a few from the antics that ensued the day before on the field and in the old pit area, new Aim Kinda High arena


i remeber when we were trying to decide which field to use (we had three finalist) who decided the field and the game was all the referees a couple member from 233 and mars’ mentor amd I think another mentor from 1902 but im not sure. It was so fun there was about an hour of arguing about what to do to the projector before we learned that it retracted intothe ceiling :yikes: