pic: Mission Mayhem RTS 2

This is the hardware end of the RTS used at Mission Mayhem. It used 6 clickers (3 on each end, 2 shown in bottom of picture) that the official scorekeepers used to click in the score. It consisted of 6 momentary switches with handles, 2 ethernet cables (one to run to blue side, one to red), and a hacked Mac USB keyboard to feed into the RTS computer. A special thanks to Kevin and John from 1251 for helping me by soldering up this board for me.

This system will be available for teams to use at other offseasons. There is a great guide for others to learn how to make a similar hacked USB keyboard setup (WARNING: Do at your own risk!) at http://www.instructables.com/ex/i/40127CE021381029BC6B001143E7E506/?ALLSTEPS

Is that an old PowerMac G3 keyboard ?

Yes. :slight_smile: