pic: Mission Mayhem trophies ready to go


Mayem trophies in their final version.

That’s a really creative idea for trophies. (: This must be the season of the coolest awards ever, because I have seen so many pictures of amazing trophies. I’m jealous of everyone who gets to bring one of those home. :slight_smile:

The ‘track balls’ were free to fall, bounce, go their merry way and there was a little bit of fun during the awards ceremony when they decided to fall, bounce, or go their merry way.

It was a little difficult to say things about them without turning red, so I came up with a generic statement that went something like: ‘watch out for these, they’ll fall’. That seemed to work. :slight_smile:

Both sets of trophies were fantastic.

Haha Jane its funny no one wanted to fix them to the overpass on the trophies it was brought up numerous times and everyone liked them like that so going with what seemed to work we stuck with it. Yes I know it was a bit of a pain to deal with but its a mayhem trophy and therefore had to have some kind of personality. =)

now we can randomize them =P