pic: mission mayhem winners

the winning teams at the mission mayhem in miramar, florida man what a day

Congratulations to the winning alliance! You all did excellent both offensively and defensively. Great teamwork.

Congratulations guys, i wish i could have been there

Congrats to team 710, team 233, and team 1345 – you all did great =)

man I look good in that picture!

congratulations, guys! :]

you all look good in that picture. especially with josh obstructing the giant “AREFIN BARI :)” sig on 1345’s robot. lol Happy birthday Arefin

Happy b day to Arefin as well and great job to the winning alliance. Good team work and planning helped them to win. Unfortunately two of the finalist robots weren’t working well during finals. Thanks to all the teams for your help with Mayhem. Special thanks to teams 179 and 1029 for picking 1251 and making a good run for 1st.