pic: MMRambotics Chassis

Our lightest weight chassis ever, 5.5lbs

The battery holder is very unique, but how is the battery going to be constrained in all directions? Looks sweet.

There is a large velcro strap that goes around the battery to hold it in.

It looks to me like if you took a hit from the front or back, the battery mount would swing considerably. I would think about stabilizing it from the bottom with another piece of extrusion. Losing a battery on the field is not fun.

The battery wont swing, the whole assembly you see there is welded. Plus the Velcro strap, it wont be going anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if that frame is welded or Dean Kamen is on the robot holding it together. The entire thing is only supported from the top, and then the battery drops down. The torque about the two points of connection is going to be alot. The battery mount might not fail, but you will see some swing/rotating when you accelerate/decelerate.

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What our captain didn’t mention is that the battery holder is attached to the frame on the bottom as well, by a “part” that isn’t welded on. Your absolutely correct that a sizable chunk of weight like the battery needs to be well supported/constrained.

Well then, the thing should be fairly stable.

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