pic: Mobius Gear


I was doing some research into anything Mobius to see if I could find a 3D CAD model for 3D printing to have as a sample part and found this really cool gear.


it’s realy cool. looks like this guy has quite a few problems with the resolution of the FDM.

other than the fact that it look awesome, what exctly is it’s purpose?

It does not really have a purpose other than to look good!

As far as the resolution on the modeled part goes, I don’t have any idea what 3D printers they used to make the part.

The article just refers to “The FDM Machine”.

If someone could motorize the white center gear, it would make for a nice display piece!

This is the most awesome looking useless junk I’ve never seen before.

I doubt that you could motorized the white gear just cause of changes in radius of the black gear. Looks cool though.

It’s about as useful as a tesseract.

Well… I still think the Stratasys crazy-gear thingy demo part takes the cake since it actually meshes and spins… though I don’t have a picture of it so I don’t have much ground to stand on here. :o

Awesome looking thingy though… cool that its three different colors…


I’m not sure what part your referring to Qbranch.

The pyramid shaped part with bevel gears, the planetary gearbox or something else?

Are you involved with CandyFab?

The white gear should be able to spin. It is flexible mot solid.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. If anyone can replicate this or find a video, please let us know.

:ahh: I soooo want to do this!! I just need to figure out how to make one, and with what materials. Better yet… What machine?

Here is the link for the write up where the design and fabrication are talked about.

I found out a few days ago that my neighbors updated their website…:eek:

http://www.protocam.com <—check out their mobius gear

They have been in the business much longer than I have (since 94) and they do high end prototyping.

The easy answer to making this model is to use an additive manufacturing process such as a 3d printer.:smiley:

One rather interesting way to make this would be to find a really long “rack” (I’m referring to the rack in rack&pinion gears).

Take this “rack” and twist/bend it 180 degrees and connect the two ends.

You would still have to do many calculations to figure out the size needed for the pinion and center gears.