pic: modified NCHS kiwi #1

here is the new pics of the kiwi

That looks awesome, i am making a Kiwi drive out of the old Lego RCX systems, if you have tried running it yet, how well does it work, on the RCX the code does about 1 iteration every second.

we dun know yet. Since we rig it up to a PS2 controller and use a NXT to serve as a micro controller. Anyway we ,students of the Republic of Singapore, dun have the time and energy to test it out with rcx, but the autonomous movement sure wow the us in its agility

what we did was build a joystick out of legos, when you move it it spins rotation sensors through a lever system which actually gives it a mechanical dead zone. this hooks into 1 RCX which then uses the I.R. to send the motor speeds to the RCX mounted on the robot. ill upload a couple of pics when we get it finished.