pic: MOE 365 2012 Robot -

Introducing the MOE 365 bot for 2012 - “CoMOEtion.”

Looks awesome, I’m glad to see that you kept with the green bumper numbers, with the white outline around them :]

FRC 365 “MOE” is proud to introduce “CoMOEtion.”

Some specs/features:

  • 8-wheel drive using 4 CIM motors on Supershifters for high speed driving and high torque pushing/climbing.
  • wide-bot chassis and low CG with horizontal and vertical gyros for precision maneuvers
  • multi-purpose extendable ball collector/bridge manipulator capable of
    clearing balls from floor/corners/under bridge and raising/lowering bridge
  • two-position, 270-degree rotation turreted shooter - each pair of shooter wheels independently speed-controlled to optimize shooting from multiple locations.
  • two color bumper material with velcro for quick swap from RED to BLUE alliance colors without removing bumpers from chassis
  • nice, fluroescent green highlights

See you all on the field! MOE will be competing in the MAR District Chestnut Hill and Lenape events.

Wow, all that green is making my eyes hurt. I find it amusing that the green numbers overpower the white outlines so much.

Just when FLR goes back to week and you possibly could’ve come back MAR has to go and start and We don’t get to see that cool robot in the Gordon Fieldhouse.
Ah well, there’s always St. Louis.


MOE would love to visit FLR again, just not this season! Throw some MOE green parts on the field during eliminations and it will almost feel like we’re there.:smiley:

See you in St Louis!

Orlando is gonna have the same feeling when we dont get KokoEd doing our field que this year =

I was really hoping you guys would name your 'bot MOEses Malone this year. Oh well. :cool:

I know. The team was floating a bunch of basketball names:

  • Shaquille MOE’neill
  • MOEgic Johnson
  • etc.

Team members weren’t too high on these names. Majority rules!

Looking good as usual John and the rest of team 365! Storm is lucky to see MOE and this robot at least at Chestnut Hill and Lenape this year. Hopefully we’re lucky enough to play more with you than against. See you around MAR this year!


Green is such an awesome color :smiley:

You guys should come to Michigan 1 year, I never get to see any of the cool out of state robots. :frowning:

Hoping that future district model rules allow for intra-district mingling. If so, MOE might consider “trucking” to the Midwest. :smiley:

All the best this season!


Looks great MOE! See you in Chestnut hills

Year after year, I am constantly amazed with how MOE can design and manufacture an extremely competent machine that could easily make its way into an art museum. Truly beautiful machine. I can’t wait to watch the webcasts!


Good to hear from you. All the best to you and 4029 this season!

John looks great as always. Was looking at the list of teams going to Lenape…Its going to be quite a little district competition

I see what you did there. :cool:

We’ll see you guys at worlds!