pic: MOE 365 2014 Robot: EliMOEnator

8 4" Performance wheels with Blue Nitrile powered by 3 CIM Ball Shifters.
[14 fps high gear, 6 fps low gear]

Fast action catapult ball-shooter with multi-distance capability for high goal and truss shots from multiple locations on the field.

Fast, effective ball collector.

Ball ejector for easy close range assists and low goal scoring.

Two ball autonomous among others

Camera to detect hot goal in autonomous. Sensors to detect position on the floor (white line and distance to goal).

Well protected ball carrying: cannot be knocked out by a bot impact or quick maneuvering

See you at:
Springside Chestnut Hill
Lehigh University (hopefully!)
St. Louis


Nice intake :smiley: and catapult!

I expect to see you in the Eli MOE Nations at Chestnut Hill!

Always an amazing showing from MOE. Love the robot!

Awesome robot 365. Can’t wait to see it in action!

What’s powering your shooter?

It’s actually not on the robot in this picture but I am pretty sure it’s this gearbox (we just had it in a drawer) that winds up a steel cable with 2 MiniCIMs and an upgraded shifting cylinder for shifting into neutral. This pulls against a row of surgical tubing bands (also not pictured) that stretch from that green L bracket in the center of the robot to the front of the frame.

clap clap,
clap clap clap,
clap clap, clap clap, GO MOE!