pic: MOE 365 Introduces ToMOEhawk

Introducing ToMOEhawk from Team 365, The Miracle Workerz (MOE):

• 10fps Swerve Drive
[INDENT]• 2nd generation of our MOEnarch drive [/INDENT]

• Canburglar Arms for 2 container control less than 1 second into auto
• 80-20 slide elevator with expanding forks for tote stack and container control
[INDENT]• Able to build 3-4 high tote stacks
[/INDENT] [INDENT]• Able cap a 6 stack with a container [/INDENT]

• Primarily human loading bot

• Improving landfill tote manipulation

See You At:
• Springside Chestnut Hill (Mar 12th - 14th) (already competed)
• Upper Darby (Mar 27th - 29th)
• MAR District Championship (Apr 8th - 11th) (hopefully!)
• FIRST Championship (Apr 22th - 25th)

More updates to come, continuous improvement! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! Check out some videos of us in action at http://moe365.org/robot.php