pic: MOE 365 Presents PandeMOEnium

Here a picture of the Miracle Workerz’ robot for LogoMOEtion on Sunday before ship. “PandaMOEnium” won the vote as our 12th robot name (over “MOE.i.am”).

-2-speed 6wd powered by 4 CIM on AM shifters
-Arm lift powered by 2 RS-550 on a 256:1 P80 using a CIM-U-LATOR
-Arm balanced using a gas spring
-Roller Claw with FP motor (acquires overinflated LOGO Pieces in practice)
-Pneumatic wrist
-Digital sidecar nearly full of sensors for auton and teleop
-Hangs Ubertubes on high pegs in auton from all 3 starting positions in practice
-Reversible Bumpers (thanks K-Botics 2809 for the White Paper)
-Minibot & deployment omitted from picture for aesthetic reasons (will be reattached at Chesapeake)

We are looking forward to playing some LogoMOEtion with everyone at Chesapeake, Philadelphia, and The Championship in St. Louis!

Xcellent Robot, Go MOE.

Excited to see it in action at Philly. I always love MOE’s automation techniques for auton and teleop.

Nice spring loaded gripper.

Looks great! Looking forward to seeing you guys again at the Chesapeake Regional next week!


Not enough green. :frowning:

I agree with this statement. It is not the conventional lime green robot.

However, I don’t think it will keep them from performing to their typical caliber. Good luck this year!

Love it.

I was watching match videos from the 2005 Philadelphia Regional, where you guys knocked us out in the semi-finals.

Hopefully see you guys in St. Louis. :smiley:

Wow, those are some Old School vids! I still remember those colored tennis balls on that Blinged-out bot you guys had in '05. Hope to see you in St. Louis or possibly at Philly again in the future?

Happy to see 2Train coming to Philly again this year. We are going back to the Liacouris Center this year :wink:

I’ve thought quite a bit the about interesting techniques of your dragonfly bot. Any pics of it before ship that you could share, I can’t wait to see it)

Agreed. One student took the Stalk (arm tower) into school to use a CNC machine to cut the “MOE365” pattern into the box tubing (we have limited machining in our lab). He did a great job and I hope we can do this in the future (as opposed to our usual attack with a hole saw). The original idea was to paint it black and fill it with green lights. Unfortunately, we can’t afford the weight for the lights (decorations are always the first to go) so green posterboard is our lightweight replacement. Maybe, we will wire some up for offseasons.

Yes the tennis ball is still on the robot, and yes, we hope to see you guys in St. Louis. Maybe next year we will come to Philly

Did we mention that she likes to take naps in the middle of the field during finals?

Striped gears my tahookie, Panda.

I like the name :slight_smile: