pic: MOE 365 Presents

Here is MOE 365’s Lunacy bot. Using the lunar theme, we named our robot “CozMOE.” [our back-up bot is named “Kramer”] We won’t have any video posted until after the Washington DC regional next weekend. See you on the playing field!

NOTE: We have contingency plans in case there is too much MOE green on this bot given the camera tracking activity in Lunacy.

Dang that thing is going to be hard to beat at Philly. Any sensory other than the camera? Ball output speed?

Man I can’t wait till Philly now. Should be crazy fun.

That robot is pretty beastly looking. In the good sense. I cant wait to see you guys at Philly always a good time. And I hope we can compete together some more this year. And about that shirt? :slight_smile:

Big turret! Is that a bicycle wheel?

Great observation!! The MOE build team went “green” this year and recycled some old bicycle wheels. :smiley:

Very nice. Does anyone remember the Jetson’s Maid?

It does look like Rosie, doesn’t it?

Wonder if the contingency plan would be removing the bow…

You mean Rosie? Good call! :smiley:

We thought that CozMOE looked kind of like a MOE green and black penguin.

Or at least replacing it with a black one!

What’s even funnier is the boss’s name was Cosmo Spacely.

All the best to you guys this season!

The MOE crew has done it again…created the must have FIRST fashion accessory for 2009…the MOE green bow tie!

Looking forward to running the regolith with CozMOE.

Ooh very nicely done 365! I look forward to seeing this at nationals (hoping I go)

Other sensors include wheels encoders, follower wheels (traction control), gyro, pots and limits switches (and some others that will make sense after you see one of our auto routines). We had tachs on both rollers but took them off for weight and I/O limitations. We pretty much filled up all the I/O you can get with 1 Analog (1-2 ports left) and 1 Digital (all GPIO & PWMs are used) modules.

I can wait for Philly either. With the move to the Liacouras Center we have more teams (capacity), with a bunch of new and not-so-regular teams to add to the regulars (including some of our friends from FLR). We are also attending the all new DC Regional with its own amazing cast of characters from all over the country.

so here is my question, that looks more like a turreting power dumper (or very short range shooter) then a shooter, is there any truth in that? i was thinking that this might be a very effective strategy but i couldn’t figure out a good way to implement it.
or maybe it is a hybrid dumper/shooter…

Your analysis is quite good, it is primarily a turreting power dumper and can shoot a short range. We have the flapper (polycarb pieces) on the front of “the shooter” to adjust the exit angle of the balls. I think our max range for shooting is ~5ft. Ball tend to exit “the shooter” 2 at a time.

With that said, I agree with JVNthat labels like “shooter” and “dumper” are misleading and it is all a wide spectrum with mix of range, speed, volume and accuracy. This robot tends toward the short range, high volume, hopefully with high speed and accuracy (cant really be determined till competition for any robot).

I hope it is an effective design, is it anything like any of your thoughts? (I always love to see robots that look like my ideas at kickoff) With any luck, it will be a flexible design that can adapt to the ever changing strategies I expect from Lunacy.

Perrotto left his garage door open, didn’t he? :slight_smile:
Congrats to 365! As aways, a sweet looking machine.

Looking great guys best of luck from the Tigertrons. We’ll see you in Philly

Thanks, Rich. Looking forward to seeing Dawgma and Alice in DC next week!

Looks great as usual.

How does a Philly repeat sound?

As, always you guys, and gals, did an amazing job. I wish I could have been more active with this years team and great looking bot. Best of luck in DC and I can’t wait to see you guys in action in Philly!