pic: MOE and N.E.R.D.S. on Newton

MOE team 365 and the N.E.R.D.S. team 1726 on Newton in the quarterfinals.

This is a cool picture of two pretty cool teams! I was surprised that 1726 stuck around for so long, they would have been one of our top picks and were really great partners in the practice match we had with them.

The picture’s made even better by the fat that it looks like the Moe robot is having a friendly chat with 1726 :slight_smile:

These two teams looked great out on the field together. I think 1726 caught quite a few peoples attention on Thursday, I think they spent the whole day either on the field or waiting to go on it!

By the way, is that an Outback Steakhouse sticker on the back of your shooter?

yes it is! :slight_smile: The local restaurant was very helpful getting us to Atlanta

How did you get Outback to sponsor you? That’s one sponsor source we haven’t considered.

Thanks for posting the photo! It was nice running with 1726 and 2771 (thanks for picking us) in the Newton elims. We had the luck of going up against the super 1507-121-177 alliance in the QFs, an alliance that definitely earned their way to Einstein.

Our local restaurant is managed by a very community-oriented guy…he holds fundraiser lunches for many groups, and ours was very successfull.