pic: MOE Hall of Fame Display

MOE 365 was honored to be a member of the FIRST Hall of Fame this year. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth to talk or to participate in our MOE button / shoelace contest. Some photos of shoelace designs will be posted shortly.

We has a blast in Atlanta. The team wants to thank everyone who came by the booth with a MOE Hall of Fame button. We had many winners of MOE green shoelaces.

We also want to thank all the entries in our “Do something creative with your MOE shoelaces” contest. We had a number of really neat ideas, many of which were rewarded with a pair of MOE green safety glasses.

Hope those who participated enjoyed the contest!

Maaaan… I forgot to do that. Shucks! :frowning:

Oh well, I got to see more of MOE’s flourescent goodness instead. :rolleyes:

Mr. Moe, do you have any pictures of the most creative moelace uses? I’m sure at least someone used them as a flash drive lanyard, a box-end wrench holder, and a pin collection organizer, but what else?

Fun being in the same division with you guys… great match in the Finals! :ahh:


p.s. Maybe next year you could give away Moenocles… :wink:

I like the “MOElace” terminology. I believe you have created a new term for our MOE dictionary! Congratulations.

We do have some photos and will hopefully have them posted soon. Some are very creative.

It was fun being in the same division with you guys also. Have a terrific summer.

Hey MOE,

Your display was great! You guys made a great new addition to the Hall of Fame. Im looking forward to next year, with yet another great addtion to the the Hall of Fame row.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by since we were the new addtion. It is incredible to see the awesome growth of all the HOF teams, and the great teams that are added every year! Great job everyone. I can’t wait to see who we add next year!


I liked the special buttons that had a special UV marker on them you used for the MOElace raffle :rolleyes: :wink: