pic: MOE in Atlanta

As much as I like MOE (365), I have to say Chipotle > Moe’s Southwest Grill. Sorry!

Agreed! (and not just because the Herndon Chipotle is our sponsor either :wink: )

I ate there Wednesday night I think, and I ran into a few members of MOE too, and to make it that much more ironic, my bill= $3.65

Wouldn’t that sign would look great on top of the infamous MOE pit tower?

I don’t know guys, a Homewrecker with chicken and black beans is mighty tasty. There’s one near WPI and I go there atleast once a week to satisfy my cravings…

If we “acquired” this sign to mount on top of our pit tower, we would have to lower the tower to abide by the FIRST pit structure height rules. Then, we would probably have our taller members of our pit crew constantly banging their heads on the sign (we have had some experience with head banging in Atlanta this past Championship, unfortunately).

Then again, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I saw a delivery bag in our pit after someone ate there and held onto the bag. It said MOE delivers and I thought man they do everything :o . When I found out that it wasn’t the real MOE i was quite mad :mad: . I mean they would make a sweet restaurant. They could serve such great meals as “The Green Burger,” it has to be green to be seen, “Miracle Burger” covered with Miracle Whip and meat. And you wouldn’t super size things, you would just ask for MOE food (Man what a Bad Pun :stuck_out_tongue: ). I would eat there all the time.

haha, got that right. We seemed to have a lot of non-robotics related injuries/illnesses this year :rolleyes:

And yea, that was a pretty bad pun, but there’ve been worse. This one made me chuckle :wink:

If we “acquire” the sign? How about when we “acquire” it?

Gotta love it. I actually got a taco there once. Much better than the tacos in the Dome. And less expensive. Oops, I ramble. Any way, maybe we could get them to name a dish in our honor. :smiley: Or maybe even “donate” the sign to us.

Oh there are many ways to aquire such a sighn…