pic: MOE spirit catcher

I saw that there was some difficulty trying to get this outside the dome, with the person counters and all the gates :stuck_out_tongue:

MOE loves their giant props.
I remember that gigantic puppet thing from 2002. Dragging that monster around in the Florida heat had to be a major chore.

I remember seeing this! I’ve always wondered how you can maneuver from the Dome to the GWCC. Really epic spirit prop!

Our MOE students are troopers and are more than willing to haul this beast wherever they need to. This version of our spirit catcher (it debuted back in 2003) was refurbished and literally got on our transport truck minutes before we closed the door to move out.

Our students had to really “hoof it” to get down to the Galileo field before our matches. At least they redesigned it from last year where the wearer had to have his/her arms straight out the whole time!

For those in the Philly area, this is MOE’s version of a Mummer.:smiley:

Andrea “Ducky” Tribo, now a MOE mentor, was one of the lucky students to haul our “Uppet” around the Championship at Epcot in the Florida heat.

How tall was that thing?

lol looks like butterfly wings! i apppreciate the enthusiasm :)))))

I wanted to know what you were talking about and did a search and found out about the Philadelphia Mummer’s Museum. That is totally awesome. What a neat thing for MOE to do.


Philadelphia’s Mummer Museum is interesting, but Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum is even more interesting :slight_smile:

Oh no, now I have to go look again. You guys sure know how to tease people.

I thought it was bad enough having a dream 2 nights ago about the Phillie Phanatic surprising everyone with an appearance on stage with you guys. He turned the whole place into mass mayhem. It was a funny but horrible dream.

Ok, mutter…

Edit: No offense but, ewww. I think I’ll pass on that one.

I was trying to figure out what that green thing was at the competition…my best guess was some sort of mutated clover haha :slight_smile: but that’s neat

Is that what that thing was? I saw people wearing it, and I had NO clue what it was. Except for it was oversized, spirited, and very cool!

When I first saw this in Atlanta, my first thoughts gravitated toward “radioactive mutant turkey”.

It definitely stood out!

During a mascot get together, the Killer Bees mascot thought our Spirit Catcher was a flower. :smiley: We told it to look for Miss Daisy!