pic: MOE Team, Robot, and Special Guest

Before MOE 365 recorded our AndyMark Harlem Shake video, we had our team photo taken. We were going to use these AB faces for the video, but decided to use them for the photo instead. There is one visible in our AndyMark Harlem Shake video.

Andy Baker - this MOE cheer’s for you! :smiley:

An awesome peak at this year’s MOEbot! Seeing MOE’s robot in action for the first time is always a highlight of my season!

Looks like a great robot, John. I’m excited to hopefully catch up with you and the team at Lenape! :slight_smile: (I might be there with 2495)

How do you guys tell each other apart?

(I’m guessing by their voice?)

By voice and mannerisms!

Shoe color. Definitely shoe color…