pic: MOEzila Is Hungry For Ringers

Not sure which is scarier - MOEzila or Bob (nice eyes!).

Bob defiantly looks scarier, the self put on makeup … I don’t even know what to say :slight_smile:

That is a really cool Robot cover, and it gets MOEzila all amped up to play to

Is Bob a KISS fan? LOL

Cool, you guys going to terrorize tokyo? How does that not block movement of the bot?


We work with these guys every day and they still scare the heck out of us. :eek:

Thanks to Linda Grusenmeyer for sewing our robot cloak the Thursday of the Philly competition!

Wooo Go MOE! Good job at FLR and Philly!

If the robotic could say anything, would it say, “RAWR” ? I dono, I just like that. Anyways, I really like that cover, so beastly!:smiley: