pic: Montana's Team #473 Robot

Here are a couple shots of our 2003 robot. We’re fast, agile, & tough. We can quickly stack (or steal) 2 bins at a time. We can do 3 bins but its slower. Our autonomous programs include high or low speed dead-reckoned up-the-ramp stack knock-down, and high-speed reverse under the bar to knock the competition off-track. We’re using servo-switched drill motors with a 4:1 gear reduction to 8x2 pneumatic tires. Our arms grab the boxes with 14" arms driven by a 2-way 1.5"cylinder. Our tower articulates to clear a 13.5" bar with a two-way 2" cylinder. And our lift operates via a globe motor with a 2:1 gear-up to a 1.5"pitch lead shaft-nut assembly.
We’re wrapped in poly-carbonate and ready for action!
We are a small, very rural team, and really appreciate the help the bigger teams have provided over this forum.
See you in Seatle and, for our first nationals, in Houston!