pic: Montreal is sure to be a good show!

This is one of the things I miss about the old regional setup here in Michigan… Even though it was more expensive, the atmosphere at the district events just isn’t the same without the special lighting and good sound systems the regionals have. :frowning:

Montreal is like no other Regional either. The light show that is put on there is incredible. They go all out with it. Just think of something at a crazy concert, and put an FRC field in the middle and you have Montreal. It’s probably even better then the Einstein lighting

If only I had practiced my French more…I would love to do this event :smiley: I saw some of the photos from last year, it was like a robot dance party!

Montreal is up live, be sure to check it out!

Unfortunately the seating situation in Montreal was really lousy last year, not enough vertical rise per row of run. Unless you were in the front row, it was easier to look at the big screen than the field.

Mark Breadner told me that is improved for this year though.

What I do really like is how seamlessly the MC blends team intros for anglophone vs francophone teams.

It still feels weird to me the way he calls team numbers though, one digit at a time.

I FREAKIN LOVE THIS REGIONAL. My five years of French is finally put to good use.

Definitely one of my new favorite regionals to watch!

Alright, the MC just made two mascots do a dance off. This regional is officially awesome.

Most of today’s matches have been archived.


Also, about all those lights:


A video of a match introduction.

Entering the field from the pits.

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Watching the webcast now… and I thought they couldn’t get any better from last year.

Montreal runs the best event in all of FIRST.

I said it.

I mean it.

I’m running the webcast from Ontario, i keep forgetting to press the record button before each match because i’m distracted by the awesomeness of this regional.

wow looks like a huge club over thier a montreal, they are really going all out

There are so many nice improvements to the standard format at that event—little things that you don’t immediately realize, but which really make the show.

The game announcer is easily one of the best in FIRST (understanding French is an asset here, but I suspect that his enthusiasm would show through even if not).

The camera work on the webcast is better than I’ve ever seen in FIRST—even the ESPN-televised Championship coverage from the 1990s was nowhere near that good. They have so many cameras moving around the field, so they can add tight, detailed shots of the field, drivers, crowd, officials, etc… And then there’s a director who can pull it all together. It’s almost a pleasure to watch their coverage of the inter-match downtime, especially compared to the sponsor cards that so many events throw up.

The music is more interesting, and is well-DJed. The French-language pop music adds welcome variety.

And those lights.

The camera’s you speak of http://i.imgur.com/KRp31vc.jpg

Normally I mute the webcasts I’m not watching, just so I can focus on what I’m actually paying attention to. Not with Montréal; the DJ and the overall atmosphere is too good to pass up on. It is definitely the best party in FIRST.