pic: Montreal is sure to be a good show!

I have been following Montreal as well and did I hear correctly that two backup teams have been called up to help?

That’s what I’ve heard, Also I’m fairly certain i saw a 2v3 match in the Semi Finals.

Edit: http://watchfirstnow.com/archive.php?id=61969481 The 2 team alliance won the match as well!

Does anyone know if the webcast is archived anywhere?

Team 2200 archived all of the matches:

Why can’t every regional be like this? This looked better than championships!

I have been a volunteer in FIRST for a couple of years now, and I must say that there is nothing quite like the Festival de Robotique FRC a Montreal Regional. First of all they run both FLL and FRC at the same time, which as one can imagine would take a large volunteer force to pull off, and they do pull it off. The volunteers themselves are fantastic over here with their passion for the game, friendliness towards other volunteers, and their willingness to try and converse in English with those of us who speak little to no French. It was remarkable to see that even when the regional was running close to an hour behind at the start, the volunteers were contemplating waiting for teams to show up to the field just to have everyone play as many matches as possible. What was even more remarkable was the fact that in a matter of hours not only was the time made up for, but we started running ahead of time. The day turned from lets try to make up lost time into, lets just party on the field so we are not too far ahead, and all 6 robots were already on the field.

Everyone else already touched on the lights, and the music and the emcee at the event but no amount of praise is enough for them as anyone watching the webcast can see. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this spectacular event, I enjoyed it so much so that I feel bad for not being able to speak the local language to an extent as to have small conversations. I am sorry to all of the French speaking volunteers who had to bear with me and switch to English to get their jobs done, and am also very grateful. If I return to this event(I have full intentions to) then I do plan on learning some French in the upcoming year. Thanks everyone for the great time.

Hearing all these comments is heartwarming. It’s our second year only in the beautiful community that is FIRST, and to see that we can impress veterans is a very nice feeling.

I am no expert in FRC regionals, but having watched a few of them already, Montreal definitely has something unique about it that is exciting. It’s nowhere from being formal. The music, the lights, the ceremonies, the webcast, etc.: everything is made so that students can feel like they are rock stars. And they are, indeed.

They also made a bet at the opening ceremonies: if a Québec team wins the regional, FIRST Canada exec. director would have to where a Montréal Canadiens hat; otherwise, FIRST Québec exec. director would have to where a Toronto Maple Leafs one. That made our day.

Yes, we involve hockey even into robotics. Waiting for a water game since 2004? Forget about it. Waiting for an ice game since 2012. :smiley:


On the same surface as Lunacy? :yikes:

No, and shame on you both for suggesting it. That stuff was awful.

I like frisbees as game pieces. They’re remarkably consistent, even when worn. More of this, please, GDC!

I still want Bumble Balls!
Either that or use the Roombas as game pieces. They certainly aren’t very useful vacuum cleaners.

Also, unlike past game pieces, the frisbees for the most part can actually stand up to the abuse an FRC robot can dish out.

2010’s soccer balls were pretty good too, if they had chosen some less obscure manufacturer that could actually deal with the demand FRC teams make.

Just don’t let Wetzel get his hands on a compressor and get a hold of one…:rolleyes:

New pictures of the Montreal 2013 regional!

And check these lights: