pic: Monty Madness 2006 Wining Alliance

Here is the winning alliance from Monty Madness 2006. This consists of Teams 1089, 25 and 371. Congratulations to all.

Hey, I’m on 25!

Now if you’d excuse me I have to go collect my Newton, Vegas, and New Jersey Gold medals along with my Championship Silver medal. :rolleyes: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations to 1089, 25, 371, and all other teams that competed at Monty Madness. It was a great event and I was honored to be apart of it.


So they were complaining as they were winning? :rolleyes:

ughh as if i wasnt having enough of a problem stopping thinking about Monty Madness :wink: anyway

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS, you all put up an amazing show


picks up bulls eye…

we are happy and grateful for the blessings we’ve had this season. We work HARD all year round and try to help everybody around us. I didn’t think our winning would be that offensive.

Sorry if we hurt some feelings.


Wayne, I think that Jay was just giving you guys a little “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” in the spirit of fun and family.

It was quite obvious to everyone that 25 has been working really hard to earn what it has earned this fantastic year! :smiley: Congratulations!

I should have been a little clearer in my first post. I am the ref lying in the front in front of Corey Balint. I love team 25 and highly respect them. I have multiple friends on the team and would never take a cheap shot at them, or any other team. I’m sorry if my post was misunderstood or misinterpreted. 25 worked extremely hard for their medals this year and I was honored to work with them in even that single qualification match in Atlanta.


no problem-

sorry if I was sensitive. We know that we are “targets” for some teams and we really do try to be great partners and hosts for all we work with in FIRST.

Last year we didn’t have the great 'bot of the season. So we busted a gut to be better this year. But we still came out for all the 2005 off-season events and played our best.
I believe that every team has their day and that “their day” is the result of the hard work and determination that team puts into building that opportunity for their future. Team 25 has been many times blessed and we have made both friends and rivals along the way, hopefully more of the former than the latter.

Our door is always open.

WC :cool:

Congratulations guys! It was definitly an honor being able to play against you in those finals rounds. I believe we definitly gave you guys a run for your money and the matches were all very close. Definitly an awesome time held by all at Monty this past weekend. :cool: