pic: Monty Madness Woodie Flowers Jr. Award Winner

Big Mike won the 2007 Woodie Flowers Jr. Award at Monty Madness this year.
Way to be an amazing mentor!

Mike, you totally deserved this. You’re the greatest mentor this team could have ever asked for. Congratulations!

Mike, When I first met you you were a really big, but great guy, now almost 5 years later your still a really big, but great guy. Congratulations you deserve it.

Congrats Mike! By the way, I really enjoyed your speech!

gratz mikey!!! =D

Congrats, Mike!

Congrats Mike!
Even though it was our first meeting, I really think you deserved it.


PS “Stay in school and say no to drugs” :stuck_out_tongue:

Congradulations Mike!

I could think of no one else who deserves recognition more.

Well earned and deserved, congrats mike.

Congrats, Mike!

(Next time I know Big Mike’s nearby, I’m getting bodyguards. I hear the Cool Squad hasn’t been doing much business lately…)

Congrats mike! So who gives mike a giant bear hug when he deserves it? Perhaps we just need to train a real bear for such occasions.

I think the combination of his team and a few more people should be more then enough to equal a Big Bear Hug that even Mike would appreciate - or we can just get a grizzly to substitute for such occasions.

mike (snifels) thank you (a tear falls down my eye) we luv u

rele tho thank you :smiley:

What I don’t think people realize from this picture is that each of those students under his arms are 7 feet tall on their own :eek: